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Senior Experience Strategist

Landor & Fitch

Hong Kong

We are currently seeking a Senior Experience Strategist, based out of our Hong Kong studio to work with teams across APAC. Could this be you?


About us

As a company with studios across the globe, we power up the best minds from 31 teams in over 22 countries to create a unique skillset for each client. We spark ingenuity with global creative sprints that cross time zones and borders and spur on the best of our talent. That includes exceptional brand consulting and strategic design, brilliance in experience, retail and workplace design, and competition-smashing motion design. We are part of the WPP group.

The role

We are looking for someone who can design ideas, create emotions and drive actions in the right place at the right time.

As a Senior Experience Strategist you will play a key role in influencing senior-level thinking and uncovering and defining experiences that span the physical, human and digital. You’ll be working with businesses across APAC and beyond, leading projects and multidisciplinary team members to define visions and deliver experiences. You may be working on a luxury store one day, an app the next day, or something that connects them all the day after, using your skills to connect, curate and create.

What we’re looking for

You will have multiple years experience in strategy, CX or UX, where you’ve thought deeply about business, brands and customers.You’ll be comfortable defining the big picture through to  the smallest moment that matters. You will have the skills to unlock potential for clients, bring brands to life, and drive change for their customers, all delivered through rigorous investigation, insight, strategy and creativity skills.

You’ll know the value of transformation and creativity. You will possess a strong balance of thought and action as well as a passion for understanding a client’s business and the ability to arrive at insights that solve their challenges via their brand. You will be an analytical, critical thinker with an expert-level understanding of brand, business and behaviour. You will have proven experience leading large complex projects with executive business acumen. You will have an inherent curiosity and be an innovative thinker with the ability to see the big picture, present and future, and explore possibilities with the client. You will be results-focused and collaborative and possess an enthusiastic approach grounded in strategy.

Key skills

  • Uncover the true business challenges and needs
  • Get to know a brand and what it really promises
  • Identify trends, happenings and opportunities and what they really mean for us and our clients
  • Dive into data, research and analytics
  • Go beyond the numbers and identify the insights that really matter
  • Talk to anyone and uncover their real truths
  • Understand customer behaviour and how to change it
  • Bring a diverse group together and get them aligned on a single goal
  • Ensure that every voice is heard
  • Explore diverse opinions, ideas and POVs
  • Establish visions and north stars we can really bring to life
  • Define journeys based on real barriers and motivations resulting in true customer transformation
  • Think omnichannel
  • Create experiences that really matter
  • Connect experiences across multiple channels
  • Tell captivating stories on screen, in person and with others
  • Unlock the potential of your colleagues and the business both in strategy and beyond

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We believe diversity brings creativity, which is at the heart of everything we do. We are actively engaging in creating an environment free of discrimination, where our people and their uniqueness can shine and be celebrated. We’re working to set a standard for the industry as a whole, creating a culture of equity and belonging. We may not be perfect, and we know there is work to do, but we regularly check with our teams and Employee Resource Groups on how we are doing, using their insight to frame our thinking and actions, so we can all do better, working as one Landor & Fitch.